Air Conditioner Maintenance Toronto

Air Conditioner Maintenance Toronto

Like so many mechanical systems in our homes, air conditioners always get used when we need them but are otherwise roundly ignored… until there’s a problem. That’s when we call a service professional and start praying that the bill won’t be too high. With air conditioners, neglecting routine maintenance leads to decreased efficiency (in other words, higher utility bills) and, often, premature failure of expensive parts.

Air conditioner maintenance in Toronto is an absolutely vital piece of home maintenance. It increases the likelihood that your cooling system will run uninterrupted throughout the summer. Therefore, any needed repairs will have a reasonable price tag, and that your system will operate at its optimal level of energy-efficiency.

PRO TIP!: Tips for Scheduling Service

The best time to call a service pro for an annual air conditioner maintenance checkup is in early spring (in most areas), or at least well before the cooling season really kicks in. If you wait until summer, the pros are booked to their fan blades with emergency repairs and installation jobs. Also be aware that some utility companies offer low-cost efficiency checkups, as well as service package plans that cover maintenance and repairs for a set monthly fee.



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PRO TIP!: Outdoor Condensing Unit

Make sure this unit isn’t blocked by high grasses, weeds, or other lawn and garden components. The unit needs to draw air into the system in order to cool and circulate inside, but the process is hindered if it cannot pull in enough outside air. Some people intentionally cover their condenser to protect it from the elements during the winter, but these units require no protection since they are designed to be outside.

Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

Homeowners need to follow this checklist for proper air conditioning maintenance: A thoroughly cleaned air conditioning unit will operate at top efficiency, but homeowners should also be aware of their own limitations. Each year, some homeowners attempt to do their air conditioner maintenance with a garden house, creating a serious risk of electrocution or electrical damage to the unit. If you encounter a problem with your A/C that you can’t diagnose on your own, don’t hesitate to call in the pros.

air conditioner maintenance toronto