Basic Air Condition Repair and Maintenance

Air Condition Repair Scarborough

Our services also include air condition repair Scarborough and installation. Don’t leave any issues until it’s too late, you don’t want to be stuck without air conditioning when it’s hot and humid. Call City Air Conditioning and Heating for air conditioning service today!

Spring is the best time to prepare your HVAC system for Summer; have your air conditioner maintenance done early. As it is fast approaching upon us and the Greater Toronto Area has been experiencing one heatwave after another over the past few years, causing home and business owners’ air conditioning to work overtime. Don’t let your air conditioning break down when you need it most.

Newer air conditioning units can typically handle temperatures of up to 95 degrees, but older models may struggle with high temperatures. If you have an older unit, now is the time to have your air conditioning unit serviced. We provide affordable air conditioning services in Toronto, Mississauga, and GTA.

If you have a newer unit, air conditioner maintenance should still be performed annually. Our air conditioning services include maintenance inspections. In doing annual maintenance, you’ll catch any issues early and avoid having to go a few days without air conditioning during the summer.

The Greater Toronto Area has been experiencing cooler-than-usual weather this summer, making it the ideal time to have your air conditioning inspected; you’re far more likely to book an appointment for our air conditioning service in Toronto, Mississauga. But remember that temperatures in Southern Ontario have stayed hot until October in recent years. That means Mother Nature may still surprise us with hot weather in the remaining months of summer, so make sure your air conditioning is working properly.

Even an inspection before you shut off your air conditioning for the winter can catch any issues that may just become worse over the winter. Our Toronto air conditioning service includes affordable inspections that work around your schedule.

Air conditioner maintenance should be done by an HVAC Contractor/professional. There may be do-it-yourself guides online, but for your safety, leave it up to the heating contractors/pros. Call us as soon as you feel your air conditioning unit is starting to experience any issues; if you catch them early, there’s less chance they will get worse, avoiding costly air conditioner repairs.


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